Programme 2021 - 2022

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@N - These talks are hosted via Norwich Photographic Society and free to OCCC Members via Zoom. Login details will be sent to Members via email.

* Last date to submit images for the next Digital competition.

# Prints must be handed 1 week before the Print competition; remember to also submit JPEG copies of the prints via PhotoEntry.

Our new season started on Tuesday 31 August at 7.45pm and we're delighted to be back in Cameron Hall for most of our meetings.

A few guest speakers and all inter-club competitions wil be held via Zoom. These are marked in the programme below.

The Improver's Group Workshops will be held on Monday via Zoom.

4Improver's Group Workshop - Improve your Photo (via Zoom)
5 *Get Creative: Talk by Glenys Garnett (via Zoom)
12Set Subject Competition - Landscape PDI only - Judge: Roger Mendham
19A Personal Response: Talk by Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB
26SLF Interclub PDI Competition via Zoom - Judge: David Smith LRPS CPAGB
1Monday Workshop - Improve your Photo (via Zoom)
2 #Workshop: Members’ mini showcase; Lightroom Tips; Vintage Lenses
9Print Competition Round 1 of 3 - Judge: Tim Morland ARPS
16Photographically Challenged: Talk by Gerald Kitiyakari LRPS
23Tripartite Competition with Tandridge & Sevenoaks - Judge: David Eastley LRPS (via Zoom)
25 @NMixed Team Competition with Norwich, Sheffield and OCCC - Judge: Jonathan Vaines LRPS, CPAGB (via Zoom)
30 *Food Photography: Talk by Donna Crous (via Zoom with NDPS)
7Digital Image Competition Round 2 of 3 - Judge: Eddie Lord (via Zoom)
8Christmas Social – Quiz
4 *Ramblings of a so-called Street Photographer: Talk by David Kantor
11Mobile Phone Competition (PDI) - Judge: Daren Pulman AFIAP, CPAGB BPE2*
18Exploring the Italian Dolomites and Iceland: Talk by James Rushford (via Zoom)
24Monday Workshop - Improve your Photo (via Zoom)
25 *Workshop: Themed friendly photo sharing
1Creative PDI Competition - Judge: Stephen Carroll ARPS
8 *People and Places: Talk by Angela Ford
15Digital Image Competition Round 3 of 3 - Judge: Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS, APAGB AFIAP ABPE
21Monday Workshop - Improve your Photo (via Zoom)
22 *Talk tba
1Street Competition (PDI) - Judge: Marcus Scott Taggart
8 #Workshop
15Print Competition Round 2 of 3 - Judge: David Smith LRPS CPAGB
21Monday Workshop - Improve your Photo (via Zoom)
22City Storm Street Wasteland: Talk by Steve Carrol
29 *#‘Panel of Three’ Competition (PDI) - Judge: Roger Ford
5Monochrome Competitions (Print and PDI) - Judge: Keith Evans
12 *#A short-ish Walk through Long Exposure: Talk by Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB
19Natural History Competitions (Print and PDI) - Judge: Eddie Hyde
26 #Workshop
3Print Competition Round 3 of 3 - Judge: Steve Kingswell
10Talk tba
17AGM and Awards
24Evening walk

+ + + NEW For Members + + +
Monday 1 November 8pm - 9pm
Improve your Photo with Gill
Workshop for Improver's Group