Competitions provide a great way of getting feedback on your work and improving your photography.

Many members enjoy entering competitions; others enjoy seeing the work of club members and learning from the judge’s comments.

Recent Digital images

Competition Rules

We hold regular competitions for both Digital and Print images. External judges offer guidance to members on how images can be improved.

We want to encourage members to develop their skills therefore an image (or near duplicate) may be entered into only:
  • one Themed Competition as either a print or digital image and
  • one Multi Round Competition as either a print or digital image, (unless it scores 8 or less in which case it can be entered into one further Multi Round Competition).
Full details of the rules for Multi Round Competitions and Themed Competitions can be found in our Club Rules and General Rules for all Competitions.

Themed Competitions

We vary the number and categories of Themed competitions each year. Themes may include:

Mobile Phone
Entries must be taken on mobile phone; they can be post processed.

Creativity may be ‘in camera’ and / or post processing e.g. ICM, textures.

Three images on a theme of your choosing put together in one image.

Entries must be a single image of subjects in candid situations in any public place.

A monochrome image is either a black and white image or a black and white image which has been uniformly toned with one tone. The addition of partial toning or the addition of one colour to any part of the image makes it a colour image.

Images may be formal or candid.

Natural History
  • Any aspect of the natural world e.g. flora, fauna or geological.
  • Domesticated animals & cultivated plants are not allowed.
  • Titles should be factual.
  • All images must convey the truth of what the author saw at the time of taking.
  • Processing of the captured image must adhere to the details specified in the club rules for Natural History competitions.
  • The final image must have been produced from a single negative, transparency or digital recording and must not be a combination of images. The only exception is focus stacking.