Guidelines for Members Galleries

Guidelines for members who wish to have their photos published in the Members Gallery

Members can choose up to 15 photos for their gallery.

Members must prepare their photos for loading on to the site:
  2. FILE NAME: Image Preference Number space Image Title
  3. If a member wants a photo to be published in more than one gallery then additional copies of the photo must be loaded. (A limitation of the site is that a photo can be displayed in only 1 gallery.) Photos can be moved between galleries.
  4. Send the photos in a zipped file to the site administrator.

There are no timescales for adding or removing content from the website.

In the event that we are getting close to the total site limit, we will ask members with the most photos across the whole site to decide which photos they wish to remove.

The Committee retains overall responsibility for the content of the website and may, on occasion, decide not to publish a photo.